About Us

444Words.com is a challenge that we have thrown at ourselves. The reviewers on-board here have been reviewing books, sharing opinions, analysing literature and doing various other literary things in the past. Nonetheless, there were no challenges; there was not a limit on the words. Here, we do have one; we have to begin and end our thoughts within 500 words and, at times, we just tend to keep it exactly 444! That’s really an amazing challenge.

444Words is a gang of literary enthusiasts. Here, we have fun reading new and ancient books. We enjoy talking about the authors. We enjoy sharing our opinions on contemporary literary scenario. We indulge in talking to the contemporary authors and understanding their writings and vision. We tread on, to put it forth in simple terms, the literary paths that we enjoy.

If you are a reader, simply enjoy and engage on our posts. If you are an author, you can contact us to get your books reviewed. If you are a publisher, you can get in touch with us for various opportunities and plans to work together. There are many things that make us worthy of being read, being shared and being in collaborations with:

  • We are punctual. We finish our works on time. We work towards perfection every day and then move ahead.
  • We provide honest opinions, unbiased reviews, frank commentary and brutal criticism (when the time comes). Therefore, we believe that reading our posts will give the readers entertainment, honest feedback and also the answer to their questions.
  • 444Words does not take influence in any of the possible ways to be healthy and necessary. We work on our own terms and that’s how we do it.
  • We are a team of about 12 motivated individuals right now and we are always looking to expand it. If you also want to join our team, do write to us at [email protected] and we will get back to you instantly.

We promise that our reviews, opinions, thoughts and even services posts will be interesting and worth-reading for the readers. We will never let their expectations down.

For Authors: 

Our services (book reviews) are chargeable and we don’t provide free reviews at all. If you want to get your book reviewed by the team of talented and motivated, emerging literary critics, you will have to lighten your wallet. We will provide you with a review on our website and a sealed envelope email to you with our critical observations which will help you understand where you excelled and where you could have done better. Here are the details:

Charges – 4,000 Rs
Review on the website – within 5-7 days
Sealed envelope email – within 8-10 days
Write here – [email protected]

All the best everyone! Enjoy writing and reading!