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Today, we are sharing a piece of very useful information for the students of English literature. Especially the students of India will benefit very much from this information that we are sharing here. We are telling about an online resource – a forum platform made for the students, teachers, and enthusiasts of English literature who can join this and begin sharing, asking, answering, indulging and doing many more things here. And the platform is English Literature Forum – the only online resource in the world dedicated to discussions on English Literature. 

Made in India and established by a well-known literary enthusiast from India, Alok Mishra, the platform has completed one year and there are many active users who regularly share their opinions on various issues related to English literature. It has divided and distinguished sections for different aspects and divisions of English literature – Indian English Literature, Middle-East English Literature, American English Literature, and so on. Major English literature, the literature of England, has been divided into various parts according to the time and age – Elizabethan Age, Augustan Age, Modern Age etc. You can see everything yourself once you log in to their website. 

If you are planning to take your English literature Education seriously, you must use these online resources and participate in fruitful discussions that will certainly help you understand many concepts of literature easily. Alok Mishra, also a very well known poet, is active on the platform as an official ELF Expert or English Literature Forum expert. There are also many other experts on the panel. As a registered user, you can raise as many questions as you want and the experts will answer those questions for you. 

English Literature Forum is a very useful attempt in the direction of literary awareness and beneficial use of the internet and communications technology. It will inspire the students to take part in diverse discussions. Moreover, this effort will also inspire the students to study widely and progressively as they will have to prove their arguments with intellectual and factual back-ups. If you are a student of literature, the time is ripe – you should go and join the forum and start indulging in argumentative and very useful discussions going on in the forum. 

Indian English Literature is undergoing a major challenge and change and it’s the time that we should have constructive discussions to understand the nuances and also the nuisances. This forum will have space for the modern literary revival and its effects in the Indian context. For example, many modern Indian English novelists only focus on writing commercial or leisure literature – why is it like this? Have you thought? There are many authors who quickly become many of the best crime thriller novelists in India in their very first shot at fiction. Why is it so? Have you ever asked? 

All these and many more questions are awaiting you on the forum dedicated to literature and you should not be behind in the line. Move ahead and register yourself today. You will certainly enjoy this move! All the best! 

Link to the forum: Literature Forum

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