Planning to publish a book? Choose your publisher wisely

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Publishing a book is the dream of many talented and aspiring authors in India who have been looking for a quality publisher all these days. However, when the time comes, the unfair demands of the publishers push their dreams further away – demands like too much money or a very lacking service. In India, in the past decade and onwards, self-publishing Industry has always been at the top of the demands by authors because of the lack of empathy by the traditional publishing houses for emerging and new authors who want to prove their abilities to the world. And it has given space to many new companies which emerge and become favourite among the authors in no time. However, out of the many claiming to be the best self-publishing company in India, which one will you believe? How will you choose the best publishing company for your journey as an author? We have some tips here. 

Is your publishing company friendly? Many self-publishing houses are very friendly with you before you sign the contract. However, once you have signed the contract with them, you will find that your company has gone bonkers and they will suddenly stop replying to your mails, clarifying your doubts and completing the tasks you want them to do do. If that is the case, you should avoid such companies. You should always choose a company that is friendly even after your contract with them has ended. So, be careful when you choose your publisher on the basis of their behaviour with you. 

One more thing that you should be extremely careful about when it comes to finalising your choice of the publisher is their services. What kind of services they offer? What more than publishing they offer? What is the price of their services? There are many self-publishing companies in the Indian market that befool the authors by taking huge money and offering almost negligible services. So, look for the publishers who are ready to offer you the best services at a competitive and reasonable price and you can afford that easily. 

And, please don’t hesitate in choosing newer ones because they are the ones who will offer you the best services as they have to establish themselves in the market. The companies which are already established will have their share of attitude and that will certainly compel them to misbehave and bully their authors… most of the time. So, be careful when you make the choices. All the best! 

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