Trends in Indian English Fiction – what do readers read?

what do Indian readers read_

The genres that dominate Indian English fiction now are undoubtedly thriller and romantic fiction. More and more authors are trying their skills of storytelling in making crime thriller or romantic novels happen. And the best part of this is that readers are also loving it with enthusiasm. What began with the social document, the novels by Raja Rao and Mulk Ran Anand, and enjoyed the blend of cultural and religious folds at the hands of R. K. Narayan, has now been turned into perfect entertainers by the likes of Chetan Bhagat and Ashwin Sanghi and Durjoy Dutta and many others. How did it happen?

Whether among the newer ones or the popular ones, if you see for the bestselling authors, you will always find most of them are also among the best crime thriller authors in India. This is because every decade demands its story from the novelists and this is the decade of fast life, lesser time to read and much to enjoy. The readers look for fiction that can push their thinking and nerves to a different level – this can either be done by reading an extreme thriller or a mixed crime thriller or some erotic novels that modern authors are at home in producing.

Just connect the internet and try browsing some of the best book review websites in India and you will happily find that most of the books being reviewed by the critics these days are either romantic or crime thriller. It is natural that the newcomers take this genre because it sells well. However, there are many authors who begin their career by writing different kinds of works and sometimes a huge sensation awaits while most of the times a noisy silence mocks them… what is the reason? For the second time, it’s about what the readers want from contemporary authors? They want pure entertainment and some casual reading hours and this can only be delivered if the content is not overly mature or more than serious.

The authors who are wise take their chances and those who are witty, make their chances. The art is miscroscoped on creating an effect on the minds of the readers that they are being entertained – for the masses. And for the intellectual readers, authors have to create an effect that they are being puzzled, questioned and pinched. So, the narrative that’s hybrid and multi-layered along with entertaining and smooth are the ones that sell the best today. Readers like that kind of fiction!

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  • Shayam

    Yea, you are right in your analysis. Most of the modern readers want to read thriller and romance most of the time. Because they don’t want to invest too much time to read any serious fiction that may be clumsy to understand.

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