Indian English Poetry – M. K. Naik – Book Review

Indian English Poetry M K Naik review

Indian English Poetry by M. K. Naik is a book that offers a deep insight into the progress and development of Indian poetry in English since its dawn to the early 2000s. M. K. Naik is a distinguished scholar who has headed the chair of English in past at Karnatak University. His book begins with distinguished chapters about various perspectives of Indian English poetry since its beginnings, with the romantic spirit and to the illuminating question in the last chapter, chapter 16, about Indianness in Indian English poetry. All of the chapters are wonderfully written and illustrate the subject matter carefully with a conviction that makes the readers (students in this case) aware of the issues, themes and also the style of writing by the poets being discussed. 

The Content: 

As I have already mentioned that the author has done very well in terms of chapter distribution and putting the best content, the book has been very popular among the students and scholars who have to deal with the literature history of Indian English poetry. M. K. Naik analyses the poetic prowess of the poets who wrote, write and will continue writing in English. His analysis is precise and also authoritative and that’s why he serves the purposes best way. He begins with the chants of romantic elements in Derozio, Dutt and others and comes to the spirit of Indian philosophical depth in Sri Aurobindo and goes on to trace the spirit of free will and other issues in the works of Vikram Seth, Jeet Thayil and other newly-established poets at that time. 

The Relevance: 

Because there has been very little writing on Indian English Poetry, the book becomes very important for the readers who want to know more about it. M. K. Naik’s Indian English Poetry is an authority when it comes to views on poets and their poetry. This book has gone through many revisions and many new editions have been published till now. Hopefully, the book will continue serving the purposes of many until a new authority is established in this area. 

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Indian English Poetry

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