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Demythsifying Myths Amit bagaria

India is a beautiful but strange country. We the people have often been deluded, eluded, and made to believe what might not be the only truth or not even be the truth. However, there are still the lies and conundrum that hurt more than many others. Which are those I am talking about? Which are those you may want to know? Where are those? How good it would be if once could find all the most important facts about India that we have been lied about? Could someone do it? Can someone do it? Well, there is a book that I read recently and it has been written by one of India’s finest non-fiction authors of the day – Amit Bagaria. Demythsifying India: Demystifying 18 Myths about India is his book’s title that I will be reviewing today for 444Words.Com platform. Are you ready?

As the title may have hinted to many readers of 444Words, this book opens to the readers a whole new Pandora’s Box with the secrets that no one might have expected to know otherwise. There are 18 chapters in the book and the chapters are loaded with facts that a reader would seldom know. Amit Bagaria has tried to expose some of the best-kept secrets and tried to break some of the myths and tried to educate our younger generation of their past what they will never be told in their schools. So, what are these?

In chapter 13, Amit writes about the Coal-scam that India suffered in the UPA (led by Congress) Era. However, in that chapter itself, he also draws our attention to some of the scams that we never knew about – Thorium Scam, Bank NPA scam and Teacher Salary Scam to name a few. All this happened in the Congress-led India and we could do nothing because the press did not tell us anything. How sad?

He also takes deep wounds out of history and asks a few tough questions to the readers. Why do we call Gandhi a Mahatma? Was he a saint or what? Why do we call Nehru chacha? Was he the uncle of everyone born in India? Who called him with this name? Amit Bagaria brings to light the truths that may be uncomfortable for people who take Gandhi as their inspiration. Gandhi used to sleep naked with girls and women to test his ‘brahmacharya’ as he writes himself in a letter.

Total of 18 chapters is in the book. There are many facts in those chapters and most of them might break the heart of a Congress sympathiser or supported but that’s not the problem of the author. If you support a cause that is too fragile to stand the scrutiny of time and age, you are on the wrong side!

I am sure the book will impress and excite the readers of young age who want to know the truth at any cost. And this is what this book offers you – truths that you need to know. Amit Bagaria must have conducted quality research before writing this book as you can easily guess by reading the quality of his content. You can get a copy of this book from Amazon India and read the same. All the best!

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