I-Spy: A Peep into the World of Spies – Amit Bagaria – Review

I-Spy Amit Bagaria Book review

Amit Bagaria is a well-known author in the field of Indian politics as well as international politics and international warfare – proxy wars and otherwise. He has been writing books on these subjects with authority in his text. Recently, I read one of his books entitled I-Spy: A Peep into the World of Spies. He has written about the works, life and responsibilities of a spy in this book. Moreover, he has also tried to write about famous and competent intelligence agencies in the world and also rank those according to his own judgement and understanding. For various reasons, I did like reading the book I-Spy by him. I am sharing my version of opinions, often deemed as a book review, about this book. In short, before I even begin, I would certainly recommend the book but only for a section of readers who can manage to read highly concentrated non-fiction books that do not deviate from their themes. 

Theme & Narrative: 

The theme and the narrative, both the elements in the book are highly pointed and precise according to the author’s plan. As the very title would suggest to any reader of the book, it is based on and about Spy – a spy’s job as a professional and a spy’s work, a spy’s responsibilities and also, like he does in his book Demythsifying Myths, a few myths and cults about spies are busted in the book in an authoritative tone and the most interesting thing that comes out as a surprise and shock to me is the major job of a spy – that is not to wander around and sleeping with women for information like James Bond does, but to sit behind the desk and do a day’s job! Could you believe it if I tell you so? Maybe not! However, the way Amit Bagaria tells you this thing, you will but have to believe it because he offers you information and his reasons to assume so… 

It is written in a simple English that any reader can read and understand without the need of having his or her lexicon open – as one might do while reading the books by Shashi Tharoor. Also, the book is written after due research in the background as the author has told the readers about various intelligence agencies, their competence and also a few major operations by them – RAW, Mossad, CIA, MI6, ISI, FSB and many others. His ranking may be a thing of conjecture because we cannot take all the things for their face value in such extreme cases. 

Reading Interest and Final Words: 

I would recommend this book to the readers who are interested in knowing more about intelligence agencies, their agents and also the life of a spy – how challenging it might be and how competent one might have to be. Moreover, the book is certainly interesting and worthy of a read by the readers even without an interest in these things – who knows when one’s interest might be kindled! Amit Bagaria’s reputation as a non-fiction author in India is certainly increasing with the titles like this one. If you are interested and would like a copy of the book in Kindle or other formats, you can go the link below: 

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