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SHE by Sarika jain book review 444words

Dr Sarika Jain’s debut work, a work in the direction of Indian feminism, SHE, is a powerful non-fictional account of her ideas and opinions that might begin a chain reaction if the book reaches the right readers. Take my word for its value, not only figurative but literally as well! Sarika Jain’s ideas are animated and logical, valid and sharp, well-thought and weighed and most importantly – viable and able to be implemented. That’s why her book is a contribution to the reasonably widening horizon of constructive feminism in India that is truly committed to welfare and wellbeing of women.

The content of the book is contained within 18 chapters and all the chapters are charged with positivity, however with certain seamy patterns, that can motivate the women with wings. The causes that suppress women and their freedom in various ways are well-drawn. The examples that many women have set by defying the social ‘norms’ and ‘rules’ that are set by the self-appointed ‘guardians’ are also offered in each of the chapters in the book. This is, as many have already pointed out, exemplary and wonderful.

Dr Sarika Jain, an educationist by profession, has kept her writing very well within the range of common readers – the ultimate target of her messages and thereafter, the flag bearers of her ideas. By keeping her words simple and her ideas contained within the normal framework of life, she has displayed a maturity that we often fail to find in the newcomers in Indian writing – fiction or non-fiction.

Sarika’s research is also very conclusive and she does not make arguments for the sake of arguments – emotive or, in a more fitting phrase, wishy-washy arguments. Her numerics, statistics and data are always based on findings of reputed media houses, publications or people well-versed to carry such research. So, in terms of content, SHE: A message for those who belittle girls is a book that cannot be challenged as you can easily challenge many of the works that claim to be written for highlighting women’s problems but in turn highlight the issues associated with men – what men have rather than what women don’t have!

So, to conclude the review, I will suggest that the book should not only be written by women and girls but also by men and boys to understand what has been misrepresented most of the times. What a woman truly wants is not competing with men but to ask for the equalities and rest they will take care of themselves. You can buy the book by clicking the link to Amazon below:

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