The Room on the Roof – Ruskin Bond – Book Review

There are a lot of autobiographies that take universal shape to become famous as a novel. Could we say these works non-fiction novels? Well, that will take a long time and a long walk from here into the future before we could announce something like that. Like David Copperfield, a well-known autobiography of Charles Dickens becomes the masterpiece of a psychological and emotional novel where the readers feel attached to the central protagonist and feel the same for their lives (in various perspectives) as well. The same kind of novel I found in the Indian context is ‘The Room on the Roof’ by Ruskin Bond. The book was written by Ruskin Bond when he was just seventeen years old. It describes his childhood memories shared with his family and friends. He is one of the best children literature writers in India. His novels are based on the India condition and with good narration, it helps a lot for children to be better. Not only that, he is also considered one among the most well-known and best crime thriller novelists in India.

About the Book:
The book is an absolute masterpiece by Ruskin Bond. He has written this book when he was studying in high school in England. He badly missed the days spent in Dehradun with the family and this is the thing that motivated him to put his emotions in words. When you look at the book, you can’t believe such a good book has been written by just a seventeen-year-old. The language is not so easy and not so tough. It is moderate and a ten-year-old kid can easily understand it.
The book describes the nature of villages in the winter’s dawn. He was a kid at that time who loves to travel to his friend’s home and spend a lot of time with them. Playing with them doing lots of idiotic kinds of stuff with them. These things are described in a way that children will get attracted to this.

Coming to the serious part, the book describes the hopes and passions that capture young minds and hearts. He blatantly confesses that his parents hated Indians and treated them as inferior. But he found himself familiar with them and always spent time with Indian friends.

It is a moving tale of love and friendship that ends dramatically. He did not want to move to London but situations were not in his favour. He was in love with his friends and the natural beauty of Dehradun. It also describes the flora and fauna of Dehradun at its best. Reading these kinds of books will enrich your memories with lots of positivity and freshness. And the readers who cannot explore the beauty of hill-side Dehradun can always have a glimpse into the natural scenery and beauty of this place just by reading the memoir of a kid written when he was a mere juvenile.

I must say the book by Ruskin Bond is like fresh air in the busy and dusty city life. He has portrayed the pictures of villages in a good light. Living in a village always gives us a different kind of joy that is incomparable. This is a nice story of a boy growing in the hills, enjoying with friends living with parents and enjoying his life at the best. It’s a nice book by Ruskin Bond. I will suggest that children should read this book. You can get a copy of this book by clicking the link to Amazon India below:

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The Room on the Roof - Ruskin Bond - Book Review
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The Room on the Roof by Ruskin Bond is an autobiography where he remembered his childhood days spent in India. It was written when he was only seventeen years old that captures the hopes and desire to go to childhood place again.

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