USAma (2nd Edition): is USA the world’s largest terrorist? Amit Bagaria Book Review

USAma (2nd edition) Amit Bagaria

Book: USAma: is USA the world’s largest terrorist?
Author: Amit Bagaria
Genre: Global Politics
Publisher: Notion Press
Publication Year: 2019
Pages: 482
Review by: Kaushlendra

The book (the present one) offers opinions that are mostly extracted from events or various sequences of events which relate to the USA, this way or that way. The page numbers in the book (mentioned above) may have already suggested you all that the book is going to be voluminous, informative and explanatory because the author has to connect with the readers in order to explain to them why and how of his assumptions and conclusions. Are you ready to read this book?

Amit Bagaria offers many episodes in International politics that relate to the USA directly or indirectly and tries to prove his points one by one. His central and the most important premise is that the USA itself is a country which supports the terrorists, terror and also the countries that are fighting against terror and terrorists. SO, naturally, the stance of the USA is flawed and that of a hypocrite who stands for total control or, in other words, a director of a movie who directs the entire scene according to his own understanding where he controls everything and others just do what the director wants.

The book has many chapters and most of them expose the actions of the USA that affect the policies, decisions and actions by other states – in Asia, Europe, Africa and countries in every continent. Is the USA such powerful? Yes, it is. Amit Bagaria hints at various methods that USAma uses to influence, affect and subvert the nations and many chapters in the book are testimony to the power and hunger for more power that’s the prerogative of the USA. Many conspiracy theories also find their place in the content of the book such as the World Trade Centre attack was in fact conducted by the USA so that it could capture the oil centre of Iraq. Do you believe all these? May you believe all these after reading the sequence of events that the author offers you here? You may well do or may reason but you will be compelled to think and this I what the book does.

If not anything else, the book offers its readers a compelling narrative that pushes them into a zone of thinking. The readers will have to think on various perspectives that the author raises in his book and tries to establish his hypotheses as real ideas. At times, he succeeds and at times he falls short to success. However, Amit has been tall in proving that there are many things which may be classified as fishy as far as the USA and its stand of terror is concerned.

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Review by Kaushlendra for 444Words Book Reviews Website

USAma (2nd edition)

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