Greed Lust Addiction – Book Review

Greed Lust Addiction 444words Book Review

Book: Greed Lust Addiction
Author: Ravi Dabral
Published: 2019
Published by: Notion Press
Review by: Gaurav Shashi for 444Words

“Ravi Dabral’s writing is impeccable – to an extent. He has been superb in terms of the theme of the novel. He dared to drag the uncommon issues. He braved the versatile abstracts like materialism and spiritualism. Language is simple but the ideas are complex…”

Well, reading novels come to me naturally if it is about reading modern Indian novels. However, Ravi Dabral’s work brought surprises, mixed thoughts and also a ray of hope. It is not a common author writing some romantic fiction and creating a hero out of a road-side Romeo and makes him fall in love with a rich businessman’s arrogant daughter. The novelist, here, is rather exposing the problems that we face in our daily lives – corruption, conspiracies, problems in getting jobs, evils within the politics, injustice in the justice department and so on…

The story opens with one leading character Vijay getting appointed as a police inspector in lieu of 50 lac rupees as a bribe to a politician who is with the party in power. So, the novelist begins exposing the current and sorry state of our mentality from the very first episode. Through a diary narrative, the story moves to a great distance until the entry of Swami Ji, a disguised form of Suraj, who is the central protagonist in the novel by Ravi Dabral.  The story consists of an investigative journalist, Suraj, coming close to exposing corruption on a mass scale by doing sting operations and getting murdered by the accused. However, he survives and joins Guruji, the leader of an Ashram in Rishikesh and moves on the path of transformation. Suraj is a satisfied, spiritual and a sensible person in contrast to his wife who is greedy and too worldly. Vijay is also very much opposed to the personality of Suraj, despite being a younger brother. Guru Ji leads Suraj, Vijay and others in the team in the fight against corruption with an attitude that is a blend of material and spiritual isms and resources – a political party to participate in the democracy and cleanse it thereafter.

Critically, the novel has been written with due expertise. Despite being the debut one by Ravi Dabral, Greed Lust Addiction is very much a Novel that can be read and enjoyed by most of the readers who read serious Indian fiction – in English or in Hindi. The novel has been published in both languages.

I have rated it with 4/5 stars and below are the links to buy the paperback or download the Kindle version of the novel.

Buy the paperback or Kindle – Hindi

Buy the paperback of Kindle – English

Greed Lust Addiction


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  • Basic Language
  • Too Obvious at times

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  • Pratap

    I have read the book and I like it pretty much. The idea of travelling in the book is really different than the ordinary fictions of recent times.

  • Juhi

    It looks like a well constructed spiritual fiction that explores the dimensions of idealism in life. Moreover, nice and lucrative review.

  • Zeenat

    Well the greed, lust, edition the name of the novel is awesome what the novelist tries to say in his book is really important to know the everyone I would like to suggest everyone read this book to know the difference between greed, lust, and edition

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