I am in Love Now I Can’t Get It Up – Anuj Tikku

I am in love now I can't get it up 444words review

Book Name: I am in Love Now I Can’t Get it Up
Author: Anuj Tikku
Publisher: Amazon, Kindle format
Year: 2019
Pages: 208
Genre: Poetry, Prose (erotic)
Review by: Guddu for 444Words
Rating: 3.4/5 stars

Anuj Tikku’s poems are honest, straightforward and erotic at times. He has written about the simplest of the feelings and also about the complexities of his thoughts that might have occurred after anything traumatic or dramatic enough to change one’s thinking. This book has more than a hundred pieces, mostly in poetry form and some of them also in prose form. Anuj has written widely about erotic in life – the lovemaking, the wooing, the pain of love and also the detailed symbolic depiction of the industry he has been a part of – Bollywood.

For the readers who have been wondering what was my experience with this book – it was fun mostly. Sometimes it became graver with the ideas penetrating the depths of abstract thinking. At times, it was all humorous with the light satirical and funny use of Hindi language in verse. Yes, the collection also contains some of the poems that are written in Hindi (but in English fonts).

Reading erotic poems like Anupriya ka Piya and MERI SAAKHI KA YAAR CHAALAYE BADI BADI MOTOR CAR feels honest and also direct. At times, you might need to read poems like these to understand what does a poet exactly think when writing poems and for a certain yes, yes, it comes directly from the surrounding we live in. Anuj Tikku has been active in Bollywood industry for long and he must have witnessed many things like what he has mentioned in some of his realistic-erotic-satirical poems.

“coffee ka offer deta jo woh thukrati
reception mein aa kar woh gaurds ko bulaati
police ke pass le jaungi agar tumney sataaya
jail mein hoge agaar internet key madhyaam se mujheey daraaya”

In the name of funny poems, you can read many. However, the title poem, I am in Love Now I Can’t Get it Up, is, in fact, a song. It is the song of a boy who loves someone but suffers from erectile dysfunction and that’s just too funny to read!

There are also prose pieces that smell seriousness by all means and a reader will surely enjoy reading them. You can know the vivid aspects of Anuj Tikku’s thoughts by reading this collection by him which is interesting enough to keep a reader occupied. You can get a copy of his book from Amazon India. Click the link below to buy:

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I am in Love Now I Can't Get it Up


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  • Serious
  • Funny
  • Erotic
  • Balatant and direct


  • Mixed language
  • Hindi written in English fonts

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