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Vihang Naik’s poetry may be new for many readers in India and for many of them, he might be older as well. He has been writing poems for more than two decades now. Vihang’s poems have made to the finest of the collections; he has also published poems in Gujarati. Today, we are talking about his collection Making a Poem. In Making a Poem, Vihang has written about the art of making poetry happen as well as about the life of a poet.

There are 25 poems in this collection and it was published first back in 2004. However, the recent edition of the poetry collection Making a Poem has appeared in early 2018. In this collection, Vihang Naik rides the waves of his thoughts which take him ups and downs, here and there, and in the unknown zones of human emotions where only a poet’s mind can reach deep. Different sections in the book have poems pertaining to certain themes and in equal numbers – 5 sections, 25 poems. Mostly, the poems are short in length and deep in meaning.

Talking about the abstract part of this collection, it’s certainly about the theme it owns as the title. Related to the composition of poetry and the dilemma of a poet, poems will give the readers a few thoughtful minutes. As the collection does not lengthen more than 50 pages, readers have liberty to mull collectively or page by page. Either way, the afterthoughts will be interesting and thoughtful. Poems like Questions, Making a Poem, In Rains, A Poem Comes Alive and a few others have different layers of meanings and would require special interpretations other than just a reading.

The striking point is present in many poems. By the striking point, I mean the special element which catches the eyes and the heart of the readers. A few poems that I have read in the past, and in the recent past, do not elevate their bars – just a poem being a poem. However, in case of Vihang’s poems in this collection, the poems, at times, become many other things than just being a simple poem. He begins an idea and stuffs it with fragmented ideas in between and then finalises the original idea. This has best come in the poem A Matter of Life.

To the readers, I will say that this is a collection to go for. Making a Poem will certainly not be as entertaining as The Girl in Room 105 or as absurd as The Paradoxical Prime Minister. However, it will offer an entirely different reading pleasure – reading the abstract thoughts of a poet taking shape in verse.

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