5 Indian novelists serious readers of fiction must read!

5 authors Indians must read novels

Reading fiction certainly becomes more than a hobby for those who belong to the wide literary fraternity. For example, the readers who are from literature academic backgrounds like Hindi literature or English literature will certainly take their reading habit to procure more than sheer entertainment or excitement. And so, you could easily guess what kind of books these readers beyond the casual horizons might like – serious in nature, broad in theme and sensible at the plot. Now, who are the Indian authors these readers will like reading? Today, I will be writing (briefly) about the authors who are providing serious reading scope to such readers of fiction who want to enjoy the hidden side of the moon!

Raja Rao: Well, if you are hearing this name for the first time, you certainly don’t come from the literary background. Raja Rao is one of the three strongest pillars of Indian English Literature. His novels are beyond fiction – realism and vision peep throughout his narrative and communicate to the readers with strong eye contact. His works like Companion and Kanthapura are the best examples of meaningful Indian English literature. You can buy his books here: buy from Amazon

Ravi Dabral: Contrasting in periods but not very much opposing each other in terms of their productions, Ravi Dabral has begun his fiction writing career with a special theme. He did not limit his concept but certainly, let his language meet the expectations of the commonest of the common readers. His debut novel Greed Lust Addiction has certainly made his place among the serious novelists. His treatment of serious theme comes in a simple form and that makes his novel easily readable and comprehensive.
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Ashwin Sanghi: A noted author in contemporary Indian fiction, Ashwin Sanghi is known for managing his themes with traditional literary qualities and yet making his novels appealing to the readers of the 21st century. His novels are written mostly on the subjects of ancient India and its hidden secrets. Very aloof from the romantic illusions that modern Indian authors mostly believe in creating, the novels by Sanghi are perfect for the readers of fiction who are seriously looking for something interesting as well as meaningful.
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Mohan Timmaraju: Another debutant on the list! Mohan Timmaraju, though in his Octobers of life, has made his impressive debut in the field of Indian English writing with Janardhan Talbot, a novel based on first Indian freedom movement of 1857. His writing draws most of its inspiration from the patriotic stories about his family members that the author heard in his childhood. Written in a language that is expressive as well as persuasive, Mohan’s writing is very effective to keep the readers enthralled! He banks of human emotions and the abstract ideas of guilt, conscious and also a realistic depiction of the pre-independence India in the mid-19th century.
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Prabhat Ranjan: With his debut novel, With You; Without You, Prabhat Ranjan became the bestselling Hindi novelist in India and managed to get the attention of many book critics and also the top book reviewers in India. His writing also, like Mohan’s, focuses on abstract ideas and human emotions but in a rather different way. Prabhat’s theme is not very heightened but the treatment certainly deceives us to thinking so. In his debut novel, he has dealt with the theme of love and friendship and human hypocrisy in a very subtle manner.
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  • Rani Gupta

    I do not belong from a literature background but I was looking for some serious writers whom I can read. A nice and informative article. I have listened to some names from the list and I will surely their writings.

  • Amir

    It’s really a nice article. You have taken the classical and contemporary writers as well. I have read the books of Raja Rao and Ashwin Sanghi and looking forward to reading Ravi, Mohan and Prabhat in upcoming days.

  • Snaya

    Wow! That is really great. I have read the book of Ravi Dabral and book of Raja Rao in my academics. I am really glad that my choices are on the list.

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