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Asmit Rathod author life is a bitch

Author Asmit Rathod came into the scene of Indian English writing almost four years ago with the launch of his debut novel Life is a Bitch. With an unusual but an expressive title, he expressed how life can come to us with surprises in many different ways – it can make pauper the king and a king the penniless! Today, after these years, Asmit has once again come into the light with an announcement of his second novel – based on the life of a girl in Varanasi and her love story.

With qualifications in journalism, Asmit has worked with reputed media houses in New Zealand. Born in a town in Dadar, India, Asmit became a New Zealand citizen and at present, he lives in Australia. The habit of reading literature is very old for him because his father used to tell him and his kins to read good books. And inevitably, the habit of reading, later, translated into the habit of writing. Asmit Rathod is a novelist, a poet and also a regular newspaper columnist. He also writes shayaris and ghazals.

With special affection of India in his heart, he makes sure to visit India at least two times in a year. For Asmit, India is a country that can give motivation to any author to create special stories that can become world class without a doubt. In a recent interview (published in Author Interviews), he tells that there is no place like India! However, Indian literature needs to come out of the contemporary trend of remaining more in imagination and depict the reality – the reality in India is beautiful and very amazing.

About his plans for the future, Asmit Rathod tells his interest in the Bollywood as well. He is working on a horror movie script that he plans to get on screen. ‘Anhoni’ is the title of his movie script and with elements of horror in it, he is planning to make it contemporary and exciting. For his second novel based on a fictional character in Varanasi, Asmit has revealed his plans to spend a few months in the town itself only to understand the life of people in Varanasi.

Asmit’s style of writing is simple and yet, effective. He intends to display human emotions in simple words so that the readers don’t face any problem in understanding even the small shreds of the narrative. In his debut novel also, he has kept things all simpler but communicating and effective. The story of a truck driver became popular and brought Asmit a base of loyal readers who are eagerly waiting for his new book to be launched.

If you haven’t yet read his first book, Life is a Bitch, you can get a copy here: buy the book from Amazon India

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