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Sujith Balakrishnan author

“Anywhere, inside my apartment, in office, inside my car. These are the usual places which I come across. But it can be anywhere, in a shopping mall food court or any public place. My first novel was written mostly inside my apartment.”

This is what Sujith Balakrishnan had to say when he was asked about where does he prefer writing. This answer simply shows how committed to his creative art the author is. Writing mostly comes naturally and it is not bound to places. Sujith Balakrishnan has already written three books by now – two in Malayalam and one in English. The Chronicle of Golgotha Days is his debut novel in English, published recently. The novel has been praised widely for its realism and seriousness.

Sujith was born in Kerala and received his degrees in Engineering and MBA from India before leaving to find work for him in Muscat before finally settling in Dubai. However, his journey did not stop with finding a lucrative job and making money anyone would love to make. He continued his discoveries in writing and wrote two short stories collection in Malayalam. Puzhayozhukum Pole was published in 2010 and Bahubaali, a short story collection was published in 2012. However, for his debut English novel, he gave himself the time and space to think something important and bigger. And finally, The Chronicle of Golgotha Days was published recently in the year 2019.

About this novel, Sujith is very clear in his ideas. In his own words:

“It’s pretty much realistic, a dystopian novel about the ordeal of a teenage girl in jeopardy. I struggled for years to get a concrete and clear voice for my protagonist. And then, I have dealt to answer the queries of the society, law, judiciary when all blame the victim instead of supporting her. This is utter ruthlessness. The novel ending is a bit dark which is the reality as the truly inspired characters are living in an anonymous location, waiting for justice.”

The novel will raise many questions. However, the readers will have to appreciate the novelist who has managed to get his debut novel out in a way that it only proves to be a recognisable milestone for him. After carefully studying his writing, the art of character portrayal and his vision, one can easily come to the conclusion that Sujith has begun his journey as a novelist with a very solid step. In short, the art of narrative building in Sujith’s debut novel is strong, emphatic and at the same time emotional. This is something that keeps the readers involved and alert.

Sujith is currently working on his second novel and also a movie script that will be coming out next year. You can know more about him by visiting his official website – Author Sujith Balakrishnan

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